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1962 Chevy Corvette


Numbers Matching 300 HP motor, nicely restored exterior, very nice black interior.

The steel of the convertible carriage folds nicely. The white vinyl top is possibly from 1962 but shows quite nicely for its age. 
Adding to the unique rarity is the optional power window (3% had power windows) feature (order code 426) making this quite a find. 

The 3269 AFB carb sporting the super early 1466 code and the correct August 1961 dating pairs it to the very early VIN build date. This car's 1466 logo on the carb will be featured in the NCRS judging manual as no pic had existed until one on the car was sent in. The numbers matching engine pad on the engine shows it to be an RD coded 300HP car. The vintage, the history and the condition make this an exceptional example of the car that caused the Corvette to gain its race worthy heritage, now firmly established but handed down from the 327 engine that changed the brand in the summer of 1961.