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1987 Porsche 930


This authentic factory Porsche 930 Slantnose 505 "Flachbau" was special order option only, and a price for the 505 Slantnose option nearly 50% above the cost of a base 930! So ultra rare in its own merit, owning a 505 was remarkable, but combining the 505 Slantnose option with the factory order option of Cabriolet is truly remarkable. Due to the fact that the Coupe version of the 930 505 was a closer example to the Porsche 935 race car, the Coupe was the "more common" ultra rare street legal, 930 track car. Thus explains the rarity of the 42 examples of the Cabriolet 505 compared to 144 Coupes in 1987, thus, this example is aesthetically & mechanically in a league of its own.